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Pawtree Dog Food

We have tried many dog food brands and have always circled back to the question of
"Why is this food no longer working for our dogs?". Changing dog food can be stressful, on everyone (dogs included!).


I encourage everyone to do their OWN research on dog food. I also encourage the use of high quality food.

Your pets are more than just pets. They are part of your family. We have tried all of
the "best" as well as most veterinary recommended brands of dog food.
What we have found to work here for us is Pawtree. I wanted to use it for a while before announcing the switch in food. 

I have purchased and tried many of their products and can honestly say that NOTHING has been disappointing. 

My dogs are eating ALL of the food in their bowls! AMAZING! And! Their poop is normal! Being fur-parents we all know this is just part of having pets! It's distressing when something doesn't "look" right or your pet seems to not be feeling well. I have so many products I can speak to and I would love to tell you more about them! Reach out to me if you have any questions. I will post my link here for you all to visit the site and learn more about Pawtree and what they offer. There is a coupon code that is offered for your first purchase. This food is not only what I feed my personal pets, and my breeders, but it is also what I wean my puppies on to. I will send home a small amount in the go-home bag when you pick up your puppy. If you would like to continue feeding your pet this quality diet, I suggest you order some a week before they come home to you. See the button below to visit my link. Thank you!

Genetic Testing

 GenSol's new testing is now available and this will be what we utilize, as well as UC Davis, moving forward. These two testing companies provide breed specific tests for Dachshunds. 

So what is the deal with genetic testing? Why do it?

According to GenSol, "Canine genetic testing enables breeders, Veterinarians, and pet parents to make responsible breeding and healthcare decisions."

In addition, "Genetic testing of the breeding pair is an essential step for responsible breeding. It limits genetically inherited conditions by allowing breeders to make an informed selection of the breeding pair and provides a clear assessment of the known risks for each puppy."

Genetic testing is fairly new (available less than ten years) and continues to evolve rapidly. 

To help ensure best breeding practices, we choose to test our breeding pairs with breed specific tests offered through GenSol and UCDavis.


What is PRA? 

"Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is an inherited disease of the retina (tissue layer at the back of the eye containing the rods and cones) where the retina slowly degenerates with time." Please see the website, linked below, for further information. I will also place a graphic here for you. I have no "affected carriers" in my program. Only dogs who carry 1 copy and are thus just "carriers." There is no risk for any of my breeding stock losing eyesight or producing affected pups because I never place two carriers together. The second button at the bottom of this section provides an easy-to-read article and provides further understanding of PRA. 

There is a specifc type of PRA that can affect dachshunds. It is known as PRA Cord 1 CRD 4. Penn University is currently the leading research hub reagrding this disease and much continues to come to light. At this time, it has been found that additional genes, such as MAP9, must also be present in affected carriers in order for the dog to develop adverse side effects of PRA ie. blindness. 

**I will not offer PRA testing of pups sold to pet homes as there are no adverse effects of PRA to pups who are born with only 1 copy. The only time I may offer testing is if another breeder is purchasing a pup for their program. The testing, however, would be at the other breeder's expense.**

General PRA Info

Below is a graphic which will help understand how PRA is carried. The button at the bottom of the screen will take you the website where the graphic originated. I will also hyperlink where I purchase PRA tests from that are breed specific.

pra pic.webp
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