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Quick Note from BDC

I am receiving an increasing request to visit before purchasing a puppy. Please read the entirety of my 'Purchasing Information' section. I do NOT offer visits. Please don't be offended. This is for my safety, my family's safety and my pets'/breeders'/and puppies safety. It is also a huge biosecurity risk- parvo, parasites, and other issues. These can be so detrimental that they can ruin entire breeding programs and the future of them. Please understand that the vast majority of breeders do not allow this.  I AM willing to send you pictures of the puppy, videos, and even offer FaceTime. I am happy to answer your questions and be here to support you. Thank you for understanding.
BDC <3

VIP Waitlist

My VIP wait list is growing! I offer this to puppy buyers who:

1. Know what color/sex /pattern/coat type they are looking for

2. Know they want a Brit's Doxie Crossing baby

3. Know that they may have to wait for the puppy of their dreams to arrive

-Placing a VIP deposit locks in your spot for what you are looking for and into my current price range.

It goes toward the total price of the puppy.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Contact me to get on my VIP waitlist and head over to my Upcoming Litters page to see what pairings BDC and Southern Dachshunds have planned!

Purchasing Information

Our current price ranges for puppies are as follows:

$1,500.00-$2,000.00 (plus tax)

Sex/color/pattern of pups will determine individual pricing.

Creams, Dapples, and Dilutes are *typically* on the higher end of my price range.

*My prices are subject to change at any time based on the rising costs of food, vet services, etc.

I will announce this before it occurs.   

At the bottom of this page you will find my puppy application that each buyer must fill out. 

Once puppies are two weeks of age they will be posted to my "Available Puppies" for deposit.  I will post any that are available (after reaching out to the paid waitlist) or that I do not choose to keep here. I reserve the right of first pick for any puppies that are born here. 

I now offer payment through Square! This allows you to pay for your puppy by using your debit or credit card! I also offer a cash price- contact me for more details on the individual puppy you are interested in!

Deposits are $300 (plus tax).

Deposits are collected through Square even if you are paying cash.

Once you have placed a deposit, whether paid waitlist or for purchase of available puppy, it is non-refundable. Remaining balance is due immediately at pickup if paying cash. If you are paying remainder of puppy through Square, then payment is due the day before pick-up. I do not release puppies before they are 8 weeks of age. There is no exception to this. 

All puppies will come with their first set of puppy shots, and a small to-go package that will include health records, AKC paperwork, a couple toys, blanket, a couple potty pads, and a small sample of treats and food. 

Upon pickup, you will be required to sign a contract.  If you would like to view the contract beforehand, I have a button on this page that will take you to it.

The remainder of payment must be made in full at time of pick-up (or before)

or I will not relinquish the puppy and it will be offered to next in line. This will also cause a forfeiture of the deposit made on the pup. 

For the comfort and safety of everyone, including my family, adult breeders and puppies, I do NOT offer in home visits. I will gladly send pictures/videos and offer FaceTime. 

If you are local, puppies will be picked up in a public location of my choosing, as everyone's safety is a priority. I am also willing to split distance with you or provide delivery (here in TX) for an additional fee.  I charge $0.55/mile (round trip) and charge for my time past the first hour ($15/hr past the first hour. I also charge round trip for my time). I will donate the first hour of my time. I am willing to meet those that are not purchasing locally (out of state) at the nearest airport, to me, if you wish to fly in to pick up a pup. I can also recommend a fantastic transport company that is USDA certified and can help coordinate delivery of your puppy. 

**If communication stops and the puppy is not picked up by the agreed upon pick-up date the puppy will be re-listed the following day and the deposit will also NOT be refunded.**

If you are wanting full rights, I will need information about your breeding program and your practices. I do not offer rights on all my lines, only a few select. You must be willing to speak over the phone and not just by text. I will not answer questions about rights or prices via text or email. It is up to my discretion whether or not to offer full rights. I cannot make any guarantees regarding the puppy's size, temperament, coat quality, ability to breed or if they will be deemed show quality. The prices that I have listed do not reflect the purchase of full rights.

I reserve the right to refuse sale or release of puppy to anyone at any time based on personal judgment and current situation.

I will never knowingly release a puppy to a puppy mill, pet shop, broker, or irresponsible breeder or owner.

Returning a puppy or adult:

I will take back a puppy or adult at any time. However, I do not, at any point, offer any kind of refund to the buyer. No matter how long or short of time they have had the puppy/dog. This is due to: the cost of my time, the cost of care and food, the cost of extra supplies for quarantining the dog/puppy for at least 2 weeks before a potential re-sell may occur, veterinary care for an unknown amount of time, and the unknown price it may resell for. There creates a huge risk to my program and the future of it when I take a dog/puppy back, which I am happy to do, but I follow very strict protocol to maintain the health of my property, breeders, and puppies, and pets. 

**I require you to vet the pet (at your expense) and provide proof of veterinary invoice 

You can view a copy of my blank contract by clicking the "Contract" button below.

Transport Information

Sherry and Michael offer incredible transportation services. I have had puppies delivered to me by both of them. Their communication is impeccable. I highly recommend their services. Below is their contact information. Their preferred first method of contact is by text to either numbers listed. 

Michael Baldwin**


USDA information:

Certificate No. 43-T-0315

Customer No. 6015806

Sherry Norris


USDA information:

Certificate No. 43-T-0229

Customer No. 6011054

Puppy Application

Are you ready to make a deposit today?

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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