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Upcoming Litters

Raven x Heath 

This repeat pairing happened late October.

** Raven's belly is growing!**

Pups expected late December.

Pups would go home late Feb '24.

We can expect black and tans, and chocolate and tans.

Solid colors with some piebalds.

Pups will be short hair. AKC registered.


Stay tuned!

We can expect black pointed, chocolated pointed and possible creams.

Longhair only. AKC registered.

Future Litters

I will update when these are expected as time gets closer but these are some litters we can look forward to! Some are co-owned with Southern Dachshunds

and some will be born here at BDC!

Bailey x Pixel

This pairing is expected to happen in January '24.

Pups expected in March. (will update time frame).

Colors we can expect:

chocolate based reds and creams

and reds or creams .

Possible patterns:

solid, brindle, piebalds, or brindled piebalds.

Lots of pattern options in this litter!

Short and long coats. AKC registered.

Jess x Winnie 

We can expect all creams, cream piebalds and

cream extreme piebalds out of this pairing.

All with long coats. These will be small full grown

at 5-8lbs. We can expect this pairing around Feb-May '24.

WIll update time frame. AKC registered.

Dixie x Parker

We can expect chocolate/tan or chocolate/cream,

Black/tan or Black/cream, Cream, and Reds

out of this pairing. Any of these colors in solid or brindle. 

This pairing may produce short hair or wire hair.

This pairing is expected to happen sometime between March-June '24.

AKC registered.

Tully x Chance

We can expect varying reds and chocolate/tans.

Solids, piebalds or extreme piebalds out

of these two! Longhair only.

This pairing is expected to happen sometime between March-June '24.

AKC registered. 

Evie x Pixel 

This is a first pairing for these two.

This pairing should happen mid-November.

Pups expected mid-January.

Pups would go home mid March '24.

We can expect black/cream and cream.

 Piebalds, brindles, or brindle pies from these two!

Short and long coats. AKC registered.

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